A delicious new online store

I've been busting to tell you about this! And finally now I can! Meet the newest and most delightful online store Down That Little Lane (even the name is delightful).

Tessa the incredible is the store's owner and curator and my oh my she's one talented lady with some fine taste - let me tell you! This store is like no other - Tessa has put together a stunning collection of designers with the most beautiful wares - you're guaranteed to find many things to throw your paypal deets at!
It's a beautifully designed site that ticks all the boxes - easy navigation, clear and simple information and of course, the prettiest things to buy! DTLL carries an array of goodies in every category imaginable, from cakes to cushions, and gadgets to gold... You'll even find Noosh on there! We're thrilled to be part of the launch collection and can't wait to see DTLL grow and quickly become a favourite shopping destination... Just in time for Christmas too - how good's that!?

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