Cakes in jars

In my virtual culinary travels today I stumbled across a fantastic new spot to drool - well, it's new to me - Family Kitchen! A great blog with some unspeakably good ideas, like Nutella shots for starters... (clearly, that's one for mum and dad not the kidlets...). But it was these ingenious Cakes in Jars that really caught my eye. According to Brooke McLay, the creator, they will keep, refrigerated with their lid on for up to 5 days! That's enough time to post one to a dear friend (during a cold snap - not sure how well it would do sans refrigeration with Mr Postie? But still a cute idea... Perhaps a courier would be better...)
Anyway, the cakes! First up, Rainbow. Never would have picked it would you? Click here for the recipe...
Up next we have the deeeee-licious looking Red Velvet and Nutella Cake in a Jar. Oh my! 
And last but not least, the decadent Pinkalicious Cupcake in a jar... 
Wow Brooke! You're welcome at mine for dinner anytime... as long as you bring dessert!

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