7 inspired kids room ideas

This post is all about inspiration, yes. But it's also about bravery. We can all look at these pictures and think "Oh! Isn't that divine!" but to add some of these ideas to our own living spaces takes courage. I admire families who take such leaps of bravery for their kids rooms. They look fantastic. I do feel for the kids who live in them though - their mums and dads are setting a pretty high benchmark for the future standards of interior design. Though, perhaps that's a good thing? Maybe 20 or 30 years from now when all these kids are adults they'll be creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing world that we now can only dream of...

Playful Palette: The fact that this is an attic space gives the room instant cool. The wedge of swiss cheese cubby leaves me speechless. I love the great zoning of space - there's a clear definition between sleep/study/play and reading zones. There's also a thoughtful plan behind the placement of each area - note that both beds are sheltered from direct natural light... and where the natural light is best is the zone for study... clever.

Lovely Lines: Another clever design with quirky lines adding interest to the ceiling and built-in bed. I especially love the custom designed under-bed box on castors - the triple compartment unit gives its owner a spot to sit while she investigates her treasures....

Modern Modular: This set-up is genius in the way it maximises not only storage but free space as well. By compartmentalising the beds and wardrobes like this, the designer has left ample clear floor space for free play.

Play Pad: A great design and any boy's dream come true - but where would you send them when they mis-behaved?

Room for Two: Even a small space can work for two with solid design. The loft style beds create ample storage space underneath with dedicated spots for display on the sliding doors and built in shelving. 

Clearly Creative: This dedicated feature wall for blackboard play inspires creativity and is only reinforced with the bold colour palette the owners have chosen for their girls twin share room. I love the use of the upside down lamp shades and roller blinds on the enclosed bunk beds. Again the modular built in wall that houses storage and sleep zones allows maximum free play space.

Zone Master: When it comes to zoning this room wins hands down. Not only are there dedicated zones, they are more than defined by the use of curtains, levels and partitions. Another chalkboard feature wall indicates this room is all about fun, and the use of natural materials give it a warm and friendly feel.


  1. Those white bunkbeds...love the shelves with the tiny ornaments all neatly organised. Tidy teens i think!

  2. I love the room for two type it looks nice.

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