6 super-inspirational work areas for kids

1. A clear space makes way for a clear mind. And this room is clear. Maybe a little too clinical for my taste. Though I do love all that natural light, the ergo chairs and Eames coat hooks on the wall for pops of colour.

Play & Display. This combined study/play space is both functional and fun. I really like the way this family has chosen different fonts for each of the boys names - it gives their zone a subtle individual detail, and the built in storage system allows for plenty of display, and clever ideas like the extendable pull out desk/drawer keeps laptops tidily tucked away and safe from harm when the room is serving it's other purpose - for play. Great chair choice too!

Teaching good habits. It's never too early to get little ones into the routine of having a place to work. For pre-schoolers that work might just be colouring in or learning to write their name, but it's a good idea to encourage them to do these activities in a designated spot. After all, we teach our kids from an early age that eating happens at a table don't we? So the same should apply to good study/work habits. By creating a place for the kiddos to create now, you're setting them up to settle more easily into good study habits later - it'll be second nature to them....

Collaborative creativity. An open environment such as this is great for older kids close in age. The space created here is perfect for working together and I'm loving the idea of extending into the alcove behind the floor to ceiling storage. 

Creature comforts. This space is a great design for older kids and it puts me in mind of a contemporary library space. The natural, earthy tones make for a warm, inviting place to relax and study, and the oversized cushions on the floor create an area for friends to get together for group work or simply socialise.

Double duo. I love this idea - a double creative space for each child. Not only does it allow kidlets to spread themselves out when they're working, it also creates enough space for friends to join in the fun too! Be careful executing high storage in kids spaces though - high drawers and shelves above chairs and tables might be seen as an invitation for climbing...

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  1. Great post! Very timely for me, we are currently factoring in a study nook in the renovation. x


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