The universe for your room

My Mr 4, Hugh, is totally into the universe right now. He knows all the planet names and their order - it's kind of cute. And if I hadn't just finished their room I'd be wanting to do this for sure. Have to save it for later. I'm sure there'll be a second round of interest once he starts learning more about it at big boy school... But if you like it, I've done a bit of shopping for you... Check out the links below to cool finds to get this look.

Tactile solar system set handmade from felt. Available on Etsy for $69US. Click here to buy.

A glow in the dark solar system mobile. Available on Etsy for $85US. Click here to buy. Also available in extra large for $300US. Click here to buy.

Vinyl wall decal of planet earth (be great if it was the other side...) measuring a whopping 68cm in diameter. Available on Etsy for $30US. Click here to buy.

Space voyage wall decal set. Available from Etsy for $39US. Click here to buy.

And my favourite - World globe touch lamp. Available from Deals Direct for $59AUD. Click here to buy.

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