Mother's Day idea

This year is flying by faster than a ripe tomato at a bad show! Would you believe Mother's Day is just around the corner!? If your mum is anything like mine, coming up with a winning gift idea is more than an evenings work. I know the gifts she treasures most (like most mums) are the ones I didn't "buy" - you know, I either made her something, or the boys did her a special painting, or perhaps I wrote something long and sentimental in a homemade card.... Well, I've found the perfect thing for those types! A telegram!

Perfect right? Old fashioned, personal, steeped in memorabillia... But how? I hear you ask? Well, there's a website (isn't there always a website?) called Telegram Stop that specialises in sending old fashioned messages with "STOP"'s and all! For only a few hard earned clams you can send a message that looks like this...
Now all you need to do is think of something memorable to say!

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