Gigi love

So proud to see Lilly & Lolly featuring the new Noosh Gigi in Bamboo on their newsletter this month! Gigi is even more stunning in this new finish and she's winning many hearts with her swarthy good looks! We've been having one or two issues getting them onto our website (tech savvy genius' that we are!) but they're definitely in stock right now and available, so if you'd like to order one please don't hesitate to drop me an email. x


  1. Hi Tina, re: your toilet training post, I've been off the computer so only just caught up this morning. I've have only one kiddo who is 14 months so can't offer any advice but here is a post I read recently - thought it might be useful to you - she used chocolate buttons and her fist child took until he was 5. Best of luck!! .

    1. Thank you! Chocolate does seem like the way to go by all accounts. I just need to gather m strength and go for it I think! Stay tuned. I'll definitely post the results. As an aside, how did your first christmas go with little Miss? I hope your Eeni Meeni Sack arrived in time for Santa?

  2. the bamboo alphabet is so fun!!


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