How to create Scandinavian style at home

Love the style of our Scandi friends? You aren't alone. Clean fresh palettes, natural finishes and simple styling are the trademark of some of the most popular contemporary brands such as Oeuf, Leander and of course Ikea, and they are beyond popular. Today, LMNOP Magazine talk to Gillian Rose, founder of Danish By Design and get her to share her top tips on how to recreate that stunning Scandi flavour in your own space...

1. Soft white: White helps to lighten sun-starved spaces and can make small rooms magically appear large. White works well with timber floors and gives a room a modern and stylish aura. The room won’t look too overpowering either, once all the toys start creeping in.

2. Light and natural wood: Natural or whitewashed floorboards and nursery furniture enhance the light feeling. Dark furniture can also work as it contrasts the rest of the room, but it does need more space. Use wooden and soft toys to complete the theme.

3. Simplicity: Don’t clutter the room with too much furniture or decorative objects. The nursery should have a classic feel to it, leaving the white walls and natural wood furniture to give it a contemporary edge.

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  1. Now I know that my kind of style is Scandinavian. I guess one of the principle tenets of Scandinavian design is that of symmetry. And i think Scandinavian design is not just about the home decor, it is also a way of life that exemplifies simplicity and efficiency.

  2. That's right! The Scandinavian style includes pieces of furniture made of pine, serious lines and tones inspired from fjords. This may be a very serious style, but it also a very warm one. Very nice and interesting.


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