Make it: Simple Stylish Teepee

I love love love it! The tent, the bedding, the hat, the garden... It's even that really lovely soft grass! I may need to live here... 
But don't be fooled by how perfect this all looks! There's no need to pay over $200 to have one of these in your garden this summer. It's so incredibly easy to make one and if you get the kids involved in the process it'll become a memory they'll look back on fondly. 

First a trip to Bunnings for 4 bamboo poles - roughly $3-4 each (usually found in the gardening section for staking tomatoes and such).  Second, dig out an old sheet, or you could pick up a cotton painters drop sheet for under $10 while you're at Bunnings. These can actually be great because they have a real linen-ey/canvas look about them. Stake your poles into the ground at angles so they meet and cross over slightly at the top like the pic and secure the joint with strong twine. and then wrap your fabric around the frame , gathering it at the top, leaving an opening on one face for entry and secure with old nappy pins/pegs or bulldog clips (whatever you have around that will do the job!). Finally, fill with some cosy bedding, cushions and favourite books. 

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