How to lose your children

Well, not actually "lose them" but lose the weight they made you gain... If you haven't already, it's time to put your New Year's resolutions into action and for me one of those was to lose some weight. This is a super huge ask though when you're a busy mum and are coping with all that comes with being a mum. For a start, there's sleep deprivation, working, cleaning, cooking, trying to eat healthily, exercise and of course find fabulous and interesting things to share with lovely people like you! 

But I may have found a solution... I stumbled across Lose Baby Weight through a design job I've been working on and I have to say, it sounds like quite the gift from the gods. They have developed easy plans to follow especially for busy mums, and they fit in around your lifestyle which makes following them and losing the weight not so hard. It sounds convincing doesn't it?

Here's a little You Tube clip from the clever LBW crew that gives you five easy to follow exercises that will help your core, legs, bum and arms. Best part is they can be done in 5 minute intervals during the day rather than you trying to fit in a 45 minute work out session. Click here to see the video. And hop over to the website and have a snoop around - there are some great recipes and ideas.

You can thank me later... 

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