Homemade christmas gifts #10 + another 25....

Finally, the last of our Homemade christmas gift series, and the last post on NooshLoves for 2011! And just because I'm such a generous kida gal, I'm not only giving you one more gift idea... I'm giving you 25 of them to keep you busy and inspired until 2012!!!!! 
First, this one is #10 and possibly my favourite - the Wax Luminerie
These make a great gift. They're super easy to create and your receiver will love them.

It comes from The 36th Avenue and if you click over here you'll find another 25 fabulous ideas to whip up this final week before the fat man arrives....

And with that, I'm going to take a few days off leaving you to enjoy your silly season! I'll be back with more inspiration and creative ideas than you can poke an elf at after New Year... Biggest thanks to every single one of you for visiting this year. You've made NooshLoves into what it is by coming back again and again and have given me a reason to create this place where I keep all the beautiful things that inspire me...

I hope you and your families all have an incredible Christmas and I'll look forward to seeing you back here on the 3rd of January!

Merry Christmas!!! x

Great climbing room for boys

This room design is nothing less than inspired. I can't think of a boy who wouldn't love it. All those secret hidey holes to stash treasures, and even more bars to climb and swing from... boy heaven. And that ceiling is incredible!

Pretty christmas part 3

Homemade christmas gifts #9

Gorgeous handmade pendants - so much better looking than they are difficult to make.
Air dry clay is all you need. Work your clay till its soft and maliable. Roll it out to the thickness you want. You can use anything to decorate - doilies work a treat, as do leaves - anything textured really. Just lay your piece on top of the clay and roll it to make an impression. Pull your piece out of the clay carefully and use a cookie cutter to create the shape you want. Don't forget to make a hole for the chain if you're making one of these pendants though - barbeque skewers are good for this. Now get busy creating!

Pretty prints fit for a princess

Love love love this nursery! It's one of the prettiest nursery spaces I've seen in a while. And it has so many clever and simple ideas and so much impact! The confident mix of prints and patterns, along with the complimentry colour choices (which are so pretty), make for a soft, feminine and modern vibe.
Note the clever use of the Ikea Expedit with drawer inserts and custom handles - it looks like a totally not-ikea piece!

Homemade christmas gifts #8

Another one that will make great use of your old paint colour swatches... and cute to boot!
Hop over here for the tutorial. x

And the winners are....

I'm happy to announce the winners of the Eeni Meeni Santa sack and stocking are:
(insert drumroll here...)
Spark and Noahsmum!
Congratulations to you both and thanks for sharing your lovely stocking filler ideas - Spark, yours was too cute to even speak about, I hope your hubby loves it, and Noahsmum, I've already put your ingenious plan into action as the beginning of an annual tradition for my boys. 
If you could both email here with your address details I'll make sure your prize goes out asap!

Tuesday Tour: The room and the rest

The room.

The rest...

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