7 Great high colour kids zones

Grey is my favourite, and black is so striking, white always looks so clean and fresh and pure... but what a kid wants is colour. And lots of it. Here are 7 great kids rooms that pack a punch in the palette department and will get the thumbs up from 9 out of 10 kids out there.

Art lover - Urban Road

I fell in love today...
...with this watercolour bokeh print by Urban Road.
Starting at under $200 for a 60x90cm canvas - it's perfectly accessible for even the financially savvy art lover.... 

Urban Road owner, Suzie Atkin is a self taught artist and illustrator who’s passion for art and interiors led her to create a vision - to make contemporary original art accessible and affordable.

All of the original artwork created for Urban Road is a combination of hand painted and digital art.

"At Urban Road we love large prints on canvas, all our art works are printed on 100% cotton canvas using giclee/inkjet printing method and stretched over 3cm kiln dried stretcher bars. Our canvas art comes gallery wrapped, which means the image is stretched around the edges of the frame to create a seamless museum quality finish. It's our vision to make gorgeous art accessible and affordable, without comprimising on quality...art doesn’t have to be expensive." We like that!!!!

Available at Down That Little Lane

Etsy finds - Vintage kids

Last night's spare few moments found between working on DIY projects for September Home Beautiful and mending Hugh's favourite bear "Teddy Eddy Rhymes" (yes, really. He named him himself), were put to good use perving around Etsy for new things to covet... Here's what I found.

I do love Etsy

Tuesday tour - Old charmer

I've always fantasised about one day owning a Queenslander. Those breezy wide verandah's, high ceilings and touches of period detail that give old homes the warmth that is so often missing from newer designs. This renovation of a charming old Queenslander gives credence to my theory that it would be a completely gratifying project to take on...

First, the two gorgeous kids rooms...

And you just know from that little taster that the rest of the house is going to be divine right?

My dream-house has these little fretwork details...

The Block 2012 - Team Sophie & Dale WIN!!!!

Hurray! Our favourite couple finally won a room!!!
It's about time those judges recognised style when it smacked them in the face!
Congratulations Team Sophie & Dale! Well deserved.
Here's a tour of the rooms and a special treat - I have links to the shops Sophie sourced her stylish pieces from (including that secret decorators source!!!).

Adore the "Noodlier" - from Grant Dorman Interiors

And did we love Sophie's suitcase drawers? - from Mill Markets

The desk... from Scout (what an amazing vintage furniture source this is!)

Vintage bedside trouble light, also from Scout

That exposed brick wall looks fantastic. I had an identical hall entry in my old house with one wall exposed like this and would you believe I hated it? But those uplights set into the floor really make a feature of the brickwork and give it a whole new dimension. Oh hindsight.....

Coat rack from Izzi and Popo

One of my favourite wallpaper designs ever... from Radford Furnishings

Vintage book artwork, created by Sophie from an old book picked up at  Mill Markets

The Jackalope head is from Urban Attitude  I love the sense of whimsy it gives the room. 

The blocks are from Spacecraft

And credit must be given to Sophie for her patience in finding a set of vintage suitcases that work together aesthetically and fit in those spaces! As well of course for the initial concept which is just brilliant! The suitcases were found at Mill Markets

Dear little button-eyed bunny is from Spacecraft

I'll do a roundup of the other 3 rooms and sources later in the week. But for now lets be happy 
Team S&D have some money to create more wonderful spaces!

Ace space saturday - Edrie's room

This Ace Space comes from Apartment Therapy
It belongs to Edrie and the colour combination is pure delight.

DIY: Old fashioned swing

Since both my boys have long outgrown their Fisher Price toddler swing, we've really missed having the swing element in our garden for them to play on. So a couple of weeks ago, I sold the punching bag that nobody has ever punched, and headed off to Bunnings to buy some materials to utilise the hooks on our verandah...

All you need is:
600mm piece of treated pine (this one was a section of a warped offcut that I snapped up for $8 at the local timberyard)
10m roll of strong sisal rope
5m roll of cotton sash cord
4 loop ended bolts
2 shackels

Step 1. I stained my pine with some left over teak stain from another project and finished the timber with a light spray estapol to help protect it from the weather. 
Step 2. Next I drilled 4 holes equal distance from each corner of the timber and slipped the loop bolts through fixing them with a nut from underneath.
Step 3. Cut the sisal into two equal lengths and feed one piece through each shackel. 
Step 4. Now twist the rope against itself to create a stronger single length of rope and tie the ends to the two loop bolts on one end of the swing seat. Repeat on the other side.
Step 5. Finally to finish, wrap the sash cord as a binding around the area where little ones hands will hold on as they swing. This will prevent them getting ropeburn from the rough sisal and also protect the sisal from wear.

Tip: It's a good idea to use a spirit level to make sure your swing is hanging evenly and straight.

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