OTT Pirate Room

Here's one to guffaw at! The parents of the kiddo who resides here are either the coolest mob in the world or they're completely bonkers... you decide.

Scoot over to Freshome for more pics of this Steve Kuhl design and the whole story - including the quadruple loop spiral slide! Unbelievable!

Etsy find: I want to buy this for the kiddos

Chomp Tee - found this over at The Brothers Trimm fab blog... Only $26USD @ Etsy. Click here to buy.


Okay, so I know I've been a bit slack lately with my posts. One a day (nearly every day) isn't my usual standard. And I want to apologise for that... But also explain. See, Noosh passed a very important milestone this month - we're 6 months old! If Noosh were our actual baby, it'd be on the verge of mobile. We're very proud parents, and all the positive feedback we've been getting from you about Frankie has been wonderful. So much so, we've decided it's about time we brought you some new things! So there it is - my excellent excuse. I've been busy designing! I can't tell you too much just yet, but suffice to say the new Noosh products will be just as clever, innovative and stylish as the ones you already know and love. Stay tuned for more info, a reveal and best of all, an opportunity to pre-order very soon...
Until then, keep enjoying NooshLoves, spread the word about us and know that when I'm not bringing you inspirational posts it's because I'm busy designing you gorgeous new products!


Doesn't this just sum up the amazing little miracle that is each and every child?

My top 4 great bedroom ideas

1. A racetrack for the floor. Boys love running their cars up and down the walls and across the floor and furniture - why not give them a stylish track that's mess-free and doesn't need to be packed away at the end of the day?
2. A blackboard shape for the wall. This bold blackboard shape makes a statement even when it's blank. It provides the kiddos with a spot to draw, write and play and can either be painted on with blackboard paint, or if you're after a less permanant solution, try ebay or amazon for blackboard contact paper for only about $12 a roll.
3. The princess canopy. Most little girls love the soft, prttiness that mosquito nets bring to a room. Why not make your own with a sheer fabric that works with your decor? 
4. Starry starry night lights. Like most wee ones, Hugh is scared of the dark. We've tried many solutions over the years with different nightlights but mostly they're either too bright or not bright enough (he's kind of a Goldilocks type). The one we've got now though is working best of them all - a battery operated set of ten LED starlights we picked up at Spotlight for $5. I've wrapped them around the bedhead and they stay on all night. Best part is, they don't contribute to the electricity bill! Oh, and they look good too...

Stair devotion

I do love a staircase. Especially one that has been as tastefully and thoughtfully decorated as this one. Mmmmm-mmm that's so good!

Make it big

I was over at Oh Dee Doh today and stumbled across a post about the 5 indulgences for small kids rooms . One of them has stuck with me all day. Big art. Do you remember what was on your walls when you were a kid? Apart from the pink floral wallpaper my mum chose, I don't really. So why not steer away from lots of little nice bits and pieces and give them one really big memorable piece? Take a look at these for inspiration...

Bird love...

I wouldn't mind this one in my own room - loving that grey!

The clouds are just cut outs of fabric dipped in a cornstarch mixture to stick them to the wall.

This one is done with washi tape would you believe? Now that's creative...

Finders Keepers Wrap Up

Hurray! I did manage to sneak away from the fam over the weekend to check out the Finders Keepers Market after all! And I'm glad I did because it was "tops"! Here are my favourite finds...

1. Puddin'head
Gorgeous hand printed linens by Richard McAdam, sold as is or stretched onto canvas or made into cushions. Really loved these hand embroidered versions below.  Check out the site here.

2. A Skulk of Foxes
Stunning original jewellery designs. Check out their site here.
This clock was my favourite piece. I have just the spot for it too. One for the birthday list I guess... sigh

3. Two Layers of Cells
Limited edition lighting designs by Jane Crappsley. So many cool ideas! But the best one of all had to be the DIY Lightwrap Kit (below). It comes with all the elements, including the textas, for your kiddo (or you if you like) to draw and colour your own uniquely you design onto your lightshade. Genius! Check out more of Jane's work here...

4. Page Thirty Three
Last but not least, PG33. How divine is the jigsaw puzzle piece plate? And yes, the plates to fit together, so you can run three in a row as a platter or just get cosy with the one you sit beside at the next dinner party... Gives new meaning to sharing a plate huh? Love this design! Have a look at the rest of the Page Thirty Three range here.

Art in the lead...

 Not exactly a project I'd take on myself, but inspired none-the-less. Take a look at the artworks of Dalton Ghetti. The man has the patience of a saint I tell you. He hand carves each masterpiece from graphite pencils with a blade and a needle his only tools! Amazing...

Better be quick

Don't forget the Noosh sale ends on May 31st. Stock of some fabrics have already sold out! Hope you aren't leaving your purchases till the last minute! Go now!

Delicious drawers

One word for you - stunning. These drawers have buckets of style and character and would look good in any colour. Perhaps the owner couldn't decide which way to go? However they came to this idea, they've made a bold decision and it works so well!

Citrus bedroom blast

Yellow and orange are hot right now - and while the weather cools down, warm colour palettes are a great solution for decorating quandries. This first one with the bold and striking yellow feature cabinetry is my favourite - and that chocolate rug negates any fears of the space looking cold adding a dash of cosy comfort and a spot to kick back and spread out...

Blue isn't just for boys

Welcome to the second installment of teenspace ideas. This time the focus is on blue. As a mum to two boys, blue is heavily front row and centre on the radar, but it doesn't have to be that way. Blue can work just as well in a girls space - it's all in the way you apply it. Anyway, even if blue isn't your thing, there are some great ideas here worth stealing or putting on the back burner for later when wee ones get older.

The BEST party ideas

When birthday time comes around at our house I spend my nights dreaming about high impact - low fuss party ideas. I learnt my lesson this year by making 12 stick horses for the kids to race around the garden. The day was really hot, the kids didn't want to run or ride and the whole project didn't fall into either category. But today, my dreams may have become a reality... Enter One Charming Party

Hugh has been at me since his last party about wanting to have a superhero party. I even made him his own superhero cape to get him off my back! So I was super-pleased to find this little gem... OCP sells party plans for around $25 which include more invitations, thank you notes, game ideas, cake toppers and printables than you can poke a ray gun at. Have a look!
Cake: Nothing too tricky there... Especially when a PDF arrives in your inbox with all the cute signs to go on top!

Games: Who wouldn't want to play this!

The banner looks like a keeper!

And they might even eat some healthy food!

Sara and Brittany, you are heaven sent! Pop over for a gazillion more fab ideas, a lovely blog and stunning pictures. Hey, you might even want to throw a party!
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