Birthday cake inspiration

Little N is turning two in a few weeks, so just as crazy christmas draws to a close, it's onto party plans at our house - no rest for the wicked they say... And with that in mind, I've been frantically searching out party theme ideas (had you noticed? - I've got loads of them to share but I'll try not to bombard you with too much party-ness at once). Here's a small selection of cake inspiration. Some of these are just amazing. I particularly love the two lolly cakes.... (you'll know it when you see it)


  1. I love the leggo one! how cool. P is 4 next week so we are doing the same thing. Except it's all princess and Barbie over here and no talking her out of it!

  2. I loved the lego one too but just as it's all about princesses at your place its all about astroboy here! Looking like a decision is soon to be made on our theme...


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