Lots to catch up on....

It feels like ages since I've slowed down to write - hence there's lots to fill you in on!

1. Noosh in the news
A big shout out to Simone over at The Daily Buzz for this lovely post about Noosh today! It never gets tired for me seeing our designs and products on blogs and websites. Massive gratification... Spread the word people! The new range is so lovely and it's selling fast! 

2. Fab new app for illustration lovers and card senders!
Now even if this app weren't the brainchild of my dear friend Felicity Loughrey, I'd still be singing it's praises because it is pure genius. It's called CardLust and it enables users to send e-cards to pals for special occassions or just because... get it on iTunes for less than the price of a single greeting card and send art and love to your friends and family. There are twelve decadent designs to choose from by Brooklyn-based artist Elspeth Tremblay and 12 holiday-themed illustrations by Gold Coast-based Sara Hingle. Share your message via text, email or pin to social media. Have a thank-you note in your pocket, a pick-me-up for a pal and never miss a friend’s birthday again. 

3. My favourite new bevvy is....

Hillbilly cider! It's not just Australian made - it comes directly from the wonderful Blue Mountains and it's just in time for summer! Winner of a Bronze Medal after only four months on the market! - this isn't your usual sickly sweet cider - it's got a sharpness that makes it a real thirst quencher and when served icy cold it's the bomb baby! Check out the website for stockists - not suuper widely available yet but it's only a matter of time before this puppy becomes known and is unleashed into mainstream society!

Read to me.

So turns out it isn't just my blog I've been neglecting. Let me explain...

This week I finally dragged myself along to Hugh's kindy reading groups for the first time in forever - seriously, it's been weeks (I say weeks because I feel a bit bad about it but it's probably been more like a month or so... okay two...). It had been so long that I'd forgotten the names of the groups and even some of the kids! Rude! 

The glaringly obvious thing that I noticed, was how well some of the kids are suddenly reading! I chatted to a couple of mums and they mentioned that they all read with their kids every day for at least 15 minutes. Hmmmm - needless to say at this point that I don't do that. One also told me very gently that she reads with Hugh in groups and he could be doing better.... Not in a bad way - she was so PC about it. I really wasn't offended at all, just horrified. Cue competitive nature.

Now in my defense, I find he really resists doing anything schoolwork related after school - and by that time of the day I'm exhausted and a little pre-occupied trying to achieve all the things I still haven't done for the day - like dinner!

But we started last night. He was super tired and really struggled. We put the book away and did some more at breakfast this morning. A thousand times better when he was fresh! I am determined to get him back on track. Oh the pressure! If I don't put in the effort with him now and he gets left behind in kindy with his basic reading skills how will he ever go as he gets older! 

Isn't it interesting how much you learn about yourself once you have kids? I was the same with my own homework when I was a kid. I'd do the barest minimum that I knew I could get away with until someone pulled me up on it. Then I'd lift my game, make an effort and do well. I don't really want to continue that pattern now - not when it's going to effect my childs future... It's time. Bad Mummy is now BANISHED... Wish me luck!

What do you do with your kiddos? Are you big readers? If they're in school do you do much homework? Please tell me there's someone out there as slack a parent as me!!!!

Here's a great little list of excellent books for reading with your wee ones. They're all classics. Notably absent is Roald Dahl though - for this age group he is THE BOMB. A fave in our house - when mummy bothers to read to them... x

Boring but necessary

Soooo.... Fb has changed the rules again! You've probably already heard - but now you need to adjust your settings as shown below to make sure you get NooshLoves posts in your feed. Then we'll all be content in the knowledge that you aren't missing one inspirational thing. x

Room crush

What a perfect balance of natural light, vintage pieces, bright palette and beach-house vibe...

Frankie in Lime - YUM!!!!

What do you think? This combination is one of my faves. It's so fresh! We put out heads together for this new range and decided to add a couple of lovely new ideas to make having Frankie at your place even better! This one's called Frankie Sets. That's a $200 saving when you buy 5 pieces! And we even throw in a couple of cushions to get the look really happening. Just hop over here and start choosing! You can pick up extra covers now too so your Frankie's won't be naked at washtime...

And check out the Joey Geo's on the wall... Don't they just look great used as a frame? I picked up an $8 atlas from the second hand book store, added a little double sided tape and VOILA!
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