Vogue do kids rooms

If anyone can do a good kids room it should be Vogue Living right? And they have! A whole bunch of super yummy spaces packed with great ideas and shot by some of my favourite interiors photographers, including Richard Powers, Chris Court and Petrina Tinslay...

This first one is divine. I adore the maps inside the kids wardrobe doors. 
Much nicer than footy stickers! Stealing this idea.
Wish my boys would keep their shoes this tidy too!

And how about that slatted bed space? Gelato colours on raw timber = decor goodness.

This next room kills me. Always a sucker for a vintage look, the artwork over the bed and blue cabinet are to die for. And How about Chris Court's pictures? Oh brother of Sibella, I do envy your creative family gene pool!

Old world charm in abundance with this layered mix of vintage inspired fabrics. And aren't we glad minimalism seems to have had it's day in the sun?

Harry and Max must wake up happy each day surrounded by such a charming contemporary space. Loving the matching striped upholstered bedheads. Sometimes you just can't beat a red,white and blue palette with a good dose of symmetry can you?

Ace Space Saturday - Zara

Little Liberty has done it again with a winning design. This gorgeous space belongs to Zara and it is fit for a princess. I love Nicole's style. The pattern play and colour layering in this space is stunning. That world map wall sticker is a delight.

NooshKids in the Herald!

Well well well! Look at NooshKids in the news! While I was away on my (un) sunny jaunt, this little piece appeared in the Sydney Sunday Paper! Exciting! Luckily, thanks to all our avid sunday paper reading friends we were alerted to it and managed to get ourselves a copy. It ran a full half page all about social media and how Pinterest is taking over the net... And they interviewed little ole me! Fairly chuffed about my media debut! (If you're interested in reading the article just double click on the pic below.x)

Rainbow party favours

What a clever and simple way to create an impressive party favour loot bag! Must remember these for the next Rainbow themed party... 

Wednesday wisdom

This hits the mark with me. Especially after two weeks away eating theme park food....

Look what I made!!

Hello friends! Welcome back! I've just had such a lovely little holiday with my 3 boys - despite the rain! My two beautiful nieces came with us as well and with superpasses in hand we took on the theme parks. We all had so much fun. Hugh took his first ride on a rollercoaster (which is a massive deal as he's the biggest scaredy cat 5 year old you've ever met), and loved it so much he went on it another 4 times! The boys got to meet Bugs, Sylvester, Tweety and Daffy at MovieWorld and we got a great family portrait of us all hugging Bugs... A shark attack on the beach right outside our apartment slowed things down on the swimming in the sea progress, and being the clueless parent I am at times I think I made it worse by telling Hugh that the helicopters were looking for the shark because it might like the taste of people and come back again just like he likes McDonalds and wants to go there all the time... Probably not the best explanation I could have come up with... I also got myself completely addicted to the DrawSomething app and Instagram. I absolutely love Instagram! It's such a beautiful incentive to stop and take in your surroundings and share them with your friends. It's also inspiring following other creatives whose snaps you'd never get to see otherwise. Check it out if you haven't already - and if you want to have a look at my own inspiration you can follow me! 

Anyway, enough about my holiday. Today I have for you a little peek at my transform projects that appear in the April issue of Home Beautiful. The postcard blind is my favourite project this month. And I fell in love so hard with that porcelain deer that I had to have him! He now lives in my living room. You can find him here

10 nice nurseries

Happy monday everyone! Welcome to a new week! This week is taking me away on a little break with my hubby and two boys. It's something I've been looking forward to for what seems like forever. While I'm away I'll also be taking a little break from Nooshloves but will be back in a fortnight with more inspiration and ideas than you can poke a stick at...
In the meantime, I'm leaving you with 10 nice nurseries to ogle over. x

Ace Space Saturday - Worldly

The colour palette in this room is soooo calming. I think I'd like to sleep here...

3 cheers for...

Don't they just make any space feel special? If it were up to me, they'd be hung in every room. 

Sleep angels/angles - a photo tutorial

...no, not a typo. (I'm not that bad a speller!) This post is all about capturing those precious moments of purity and innocence on film and knowing how to photograph your wee one while they sleep.

To be honest, it's not something I've ever given much thought to. I do have a few shots of Hugh sleeping when he was a baby, (on my lap no less, amazing how much more time we had on our hands during those first few months of life with a newborn first child!) and they are very special pictures. Noah, not so many. Not so many shots in general actually. One of my resolutions for this year is to take more pictures of him. I remember having a friend in primary school who was convinced she was adopted because there were barely any family photos of her as a child - in hindsight as a parent, her mum was probably just too busy to sit around taking snaps of her kids with six of them under nine years of age!

If it's something you've ever tried, you might realise it can be a difficult project, so when I came across this fantastic tutorial full of cheats and tips for A-grade shots of your babies that you'll treasure for years to come, the first thing I thought of was sharing it with you! So hop across here to check it all out

I was also thinking it'd be great to share some of those sleepy baby Hugh pictures to inspire you. And if you have any you'd like to share send them to me at blog@noosh.com.au

images Via

Tuesday Tour: The home behind the cute kids room

Today's tour is around an ultra-cool New York warehouse conversion. The kids space is beyond incredible and the couples decor style is quite appetisingly raw with touches of retro, vintage and natural materials creating a warmth that belies the nature of the warehouse conversions we are usually accustomed to...

The cool kids room...

The rest of the house...

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