Another way to save your kids artwork

If the Art Eater idea from Kids in Print didn't tickle your fancy as ways to preserve your children's artworks, maybe this one will hit the spot? Now, thanks to Formia Design you can have that delightful portrait made into a unique piece of jewellery! Too cute! They make pendants, necklaces, key chains and even bookmarks out of sterling silver based on the drawing you submit! I know! Right? The prices aren't ridiculous either. Not any more than I would expect to pay for any custom designed piece really - starting at around $125US for a small pendant and going up to $500 for the whole family's portraits (3 pieces)...  I'd love one of these!


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  1. Thank you for including me and my work with childrens drawings on your great blog!!
    sincerely Mia (owner of Formia Design)
    check it out on Facebook:
    right now challenging everyone to sponsor me for walking for UVA childrens hospital...and I give 50% back


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