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I need one of these!

2 x too beautiful

 I love this mix of vintage and modern. The pastel colours all really pop off that white.

That bank of drawers is TOO. DIE. FOR.!!! I love all the other bits too.... Just too too pretty!

7 Kooky furniture designs

I found these 7 wacky furniture designs over at Demilked, and while I'm not sure I'd want them in my kiddo's bedrooms, but I'm sure they'd get a kick out of them! 

If theey tickled your fancy, hop over to Demilked for loads more creative twists on the everyday...

Dancing Veggie Puppets to Beyonce's Song! Hysterical!

This is the best!

8 Gorgeous Grey Nurseries to love...

Ahhh, grey.... Each one of these baby spaces is precious in it's own right. 
All lovingly decorated with careful attention to the very last detail. 





Yum! Crepes Cake with Chocolate Meringue Frosting

Oh my giddy aunt! This one isn't mine but it looked beyond amazing so had to share. It's a cake made from the most delectable tower of crepes filled with chocolate meringue frosting and a hidden layer of caramelised goodness for a surprise hit of crunch. I need to lie down. Hop over to Ceramic Canvas for the recipe and how to...

Before & After: Bar stools

This guy is about as average as they come with his maple-gone-wrong gloss varnish... (funny how varnish is so close to vanish isn't it? And the world would probably be a better place if the varnish would just vanish I say...) But in his defence, he's got good rungs. Rungs a kiddo could comfortably rest his wee feet on....

Then - hello! What a remarkable difference a coat of white paint can make! Holly over at In the Fun Lane really knows how to bring out the best in unloved wares. I always enjoy popping over there for a visit - she has such a great eye for good bones in furniture (and a great source that supplies them all to her! I wish I could find such gorgeous pieces here in Sydney), but the thing I like most about Holly's projects is her attention to the details. Every piece she recreates has it's own special "thing" going on...

With this guy, it's the + or x on the seat. Most of us would stop at the completely new colour... Well, here's your inspiration to take things one step further...

Secrets to Raising Happy Kids

The lovely Nikki over at BellaMumma has been chatting with parenting guru, Michael Gross about raising happy kids. Pop over and visit to check out her 3 part series of valuable tips!

Peachie Beresford home tour

Remember this post about Peachie - the brainchild of Sydney stylist, Julz Beresford? Well, Julz' home has just been made the feature of in Real Living magazine. Check it out...

Kids eat well & win prizes

The Gutsy Challenge is a fabulous initiative setup by the GI Institute to raise money for digestive cancer research and get kids to eat healthy. I found out about it through my 4 year old (would you believe?) who was desperate to take part (I think his motivation was the t-shirts but never the matter because he ate more vegies that week than I could have ever imagined).

The concept: Kids have to eat 2 fruit and 4 vege every day for one week.
The deal is this: Sign up online and invite friends and family via email to sponsor you/your kiddo to do the challenge. Proceeds go to Gastro Intestinal Cancer Research. 
How you win: For every $10 you/your child raises, they get a "ticket" which can be traded for prizes. For instance, 1 ticket gets you a keyring and 100 tickets get you a Nintendo DSi. Good motivation huh?
When it starts: It all kicked off mid July and runs until the end of September so there's plenty of time to get involved. 
Who can do it: This one is open to residents outside Australia too - all sponsor pledges are made online by credit card and you can log and track your kiddo's progress on the site as well.

I'm very proud to say that my Mr 4 has already completed his challenge - I've never seen him eat so much green food! There's a great blog associated with the challenge as well that you should check out for inspired food/art ideas jump over here to check it out.

6 super-inspirational work areas for kids

1. A clear space makes way for a clear mind. And this room is clear. Maybe a little too clinical for my taste. Though I do love all that natural light, the ergo chairs and Eames coat hooks on the wall for pops of colour.

Play & Display. This combined study/play space is both functional and fun. I really like the way this family has chosen different fonts for each of the boys names - it gives their zone a subtle individual detail, and the built in storage system allows for plenty of display, and clever ideas like the extendable pull out desk/drawer keeps laptops tidily tucked away and safe from harm when the room is serving it's other purpose - for play. Great chair choice too!

Teaching good habits. It's never too early to get little ones into the routine of having a place to work. For pre-schoolers that work might just be colouring in or learning to write their name, but it's a good idea to encourage them to do these activities in a designated spot. After all, we teach our kids from an early age that eating happens at a table don't we? So the same should apply to good study/work habits. By creating a place for the kiddos to create now, you're setting them up to settle more easily into good study habits later - it'll be second nature to them....

Collaborative creativity. An open environment such as this is great for older kids close in age. The space created here is perfect for working together and I'm loving the idea of extending into the alcove behind the floor to ceiling storage. 

Creature comforts. This space is a great design for older kids and it puts me in mind of a contemporary library space. The natural, earthy tones make for a warm, inviting place to relax and study, and the oversized cushions on the floor create an area for friends to get together for group work or simply socialise.

Double duo. I love this idea - a double creative space for each child. Not only does it allow kidlets to spread themselves out when they're working, it also creates enough space for friends to join in the fun too! Be careful executing high storage in kids spaces though - high drawers and shelves above chairs and tables might be seen as an invitation for climbing...

Twin share x 2

These two rooms are the epitome of serene. If the theory of colour therapy holds any water - their occupants must rarely argue...

Lego men that draw!

Okay, so they don't actually draw - but you can draw with them! Would you believe these perfect little lego replicas are crayons?! They probably wouldn't hurt as much if you trod on one either!

Come fly with me - boys bedroom

So many gorgeous details! Starting with that upcycled pallet bedhead!!! Loving the two tone walls, paper plane decal, the maps fashioned into a generous rose wheel to greet you as you enter the room... All soo so lovely. For more pictures and the full rundown on all the pieces and how to's, hop over here to Chic & Cheap Nursery.

All occassion gift wrap

Oh yes, a handy thing to have around - especially if you're as disorganised as me! This clever gift wrap serves for any occassion, simply highlight the event you want! Available here.

7 inspired kids room ideas

This post is all about inspiration, yes. But it's also about bravery. We can all look at these pictures and think "Oh! Isn't that divine!" but to add some of these ideas to our own living spaces takes courage. I admire families who take such leaps of bravery for their kids rooms. They look fantastic. I do feel for the kids who live in them though - their mums and dads are setting a pretty high benchmark for the future standards of interior design. Though, perhaps that's a good thing? Maybe 20 or 30 years from now when all these kids are adults they'll be creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing world that we now can only dream of...

Playful Palette: The fact that this is an attic space gives the room instant cool. The wedge of swiss cheese cubby leaves me speechless. I love the great zoning of space - there's a clear definition between sleep/study/play and reading zones. There's also a thoughtful plan behind the placement of each area - note that both beds are sheltered from direct natural light... and where the natural light is best is the zone for study... clever.

Lovely Lines: Another clever design with quirky lines adding interest to the ceiling and built-in bed. I especially love the custom designed under-bed box on castors - the triple compartment unit gives its owner a spot to sit while she investigates her treasures....

Modern Modular: This set-up is genius in the way it maximises not only storage but free space as well. By compartmentalising the beds and wardrobes like this, the designer has left ample clear floor space for free play.

Play Pad: A great design and any boy's dream come true - but where would you send them when they mis-behaved?

Room for Two: Even a small space can work for two with solid design. The loft style beds create ample storage space underneath with dedicated spots for display on the sliding doors and built in shelving. 

Clearly Creative: This dedicated feature wall for blackboard play inspires creativity and is only reinforced with the bold colour palette the owners have chosen for their girls twin share room. I love the use of the upside down lamp shades and roller blinds on the enclosed bunk beds. Again the modular built in wall that houses storage and sleep zones allows maximum free play space.

Zone Master: When it comes to zoning this room wins hands down. Not only are there dedicated zones, they are more than defined by the use of curtains, levels and partitions. Another chalkboard feature wall indicates this room is all about fun, and the use of natural materials give it a warm and friendly feel.
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