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So tonight I stumbled across this fantastic concept by mega US toy store, FAO Schwartz. It's a Make Your Own Custom Monster Kit and it's got to be one of the best "turn your kids drawing into a..." concepts I've seen. The kicker is that it's $250 a pop! Yeeow! And going by the comments on Thingamababy where it was posted, I'd say the general consensus is that that's outrageous. 
That's where Deann and Missing Monsters comes in... See, Deann has a similar business, also in the states, only difference is that instead of drawing your monster, you fill out a missing monsters report describing the monster in detail and pay a small "recovery fee" of $30 + shipping.

Deann and the Monster Squad then go out and find your missing monster! Photographs are taken of the location your monster was found and a letter detailing what he/she was up to at the time are delivered in an official looking envelope marked "Confidential", together with the monster. The attention to detail is incredible. Each monster is packaged with "Handle with Care" and "Monster Inside" stickers and a member of the Monster Squad calls your child to let them know the monster has been located and will arrive in the mail soon.


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Aren't they great? Here's some more (too cute not to include) monsters that the Monster Squad have recovered...

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  1. This is a gorgeous idea! Thanks for posting :-)

  2. I think so too Kirralee! It's one of my favourite posts so far. Thanks for visiting!


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