Crafty cats

Thick paper/card
Double sided tape

1. To make the body I cut a strip 5 cm wide and 21cm long (the width of A4 paper). Then I drew a line 7.5cm in from each end. I drew a half circle on the outside of each side (these will be the arms/paws). Next, I folded along each line and cut the rounded part of each half circle (leaving the flat side attached). I used small scissors, but a stanley knife would be easier. I also cut two slots where there head would later be attached.

2. To make the head I cut a strip 5 cm wide and 25cm long and folded it in 3. I drew the face shape on the middle piece and cut along the outline (though all 3 pieces). Then I unfolded it and trimmed off the two little half ears at the back.

3. I also cut out a pair of paws with tabs at the top for joining to the body.

4. Next I painted the paws, head and body and left them to dry. Then drew on the features with a marker.

5. I assembled the little kitty using double sided tape by sticking the overlapping ends of each strip together at the back and sticking the foot tabs inside the body with the feet/paws peeking out at the bottom. Then I cut two slots to put the head in place on the body. Voila!

Via The Light Garden

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