Noosh: Now available at Lilly & Lolly store in Sydney!

From today, Sydneysiders can get a shopping fix of their favourite kids decor brands together in one concept store! That's right! Lilly & Lolly have officially opened their doors at the deliciously designer PYD Building in Waterloo - and let me tell you - it's just divine. L&L's Ashling and Megan have outdone themselves - the store looks incredible.  But the most exciting part for us Nooshies is that L&L called us to ask if they could stock Noosh! Take a look!
...and more Noosh Gigi Alphabet 

Before & After: My Wardrobe

I'm so excited to finally be showing this project to you. I've been working on it for weeks (not weeks solidly, just weeks because I can only ever seem to snatch an hour at a time without someone needing a snack or some paint or a referee...). I found it on eBay and it was about the third one I bid on but somebody kept beating me to the punch! This one thankfully didn't get away, and I'm very glad now the I was saved from the others. She's a 1930's solid oak number in reasonable condition. She hasn't been doted on and is quite dry in areas but once I'm finished with her she'll smile once more. Now I should warn you, if you're a purist you may not love or even approve of the transformation that has taken place...
What do you think? I absolutely love her. She's come up every inch as stunning as I'd hoped. I was so fortunate her mirrors are original and they are pristine in their bevelled elegance. I chose to paint her after taking on board some good advice from my clever friend William, and I'm so glad. The black Feast Watson Prooftint stain that I used without diluting has let her retain her gorgeous grain. Two coats did the trick and I finished her with a matt Danish Oil by Cabots. The delicious black and white pinstripe wallpaper (which I've only used half a roll of and you'll be seeing it on another project soon) is by Moore & Moore - they only just launched and have a stunning range of designs all with an Australian flavour.
So, down to tin tacks - how much? The wardrobe was a steal at $109. Stains, wallpaper, paste and oil came to $255. I still need to put new drawer pulls and a new door knob on her but haven't been able to find exactly what I want yet so add about another $50 for those... $400ish. Not bad for a piece I'm besotted by. To find anything like this in a store would be near impossible and if I did I'd expect it to cost a lot more than $400! Plus, she's mine. I made her. And that satisfaction is beyond value.
Please, tell me what you think of her!


In an effort to purge some of Hugh's 4 year old excess energy - and maybe teach him a little discipline as well - we enrolled him in some Family Self Defence classes this year. It's only been about 6 weeks since he started and I have to say he loves it. And so do I! The place we've got him going to has an incredible philosophy. They place an enormous emphasis on the Respect, Discipline and Confidence aspects of martial arts and immediately gave us a reward chart we had to fill out in order for Hugh to advance on the ladder of belt colours. The chart is broken into categories and he has to do things like make his bed, put his clothes in the laundry, keep his room tidy, use his manners, help look after his brother etc etc. You won't believe this but he does it all! My favourite one is "Eat to win" which has him eating all his veges and any complaints at dinner time are quickly quietened by a subtle Woo-Cha reminder... 
Every child is different, so what has worked for us might not work for you. But it's just incredible. It's like having a new child. I can't recommend it highly enough. On thursday he led his class warm up and got a black stripe on his white belt (which is actually just a 2 inch piece of black electrical tape wrapped around the end) and he's so proud of it and himself he tells anyone who'll listen...

I'm pretty proud too so I thought I'd make him one of these medals tomorrow to let him know.

Party theme of the week: Vintage Firetruck

How cute is this party theme? Jacob's mum has chosen a Vintage Firetruck theme for his 6th birthday party and the sophisticated mix of black, white and red looks great.

More press love for Noosh!

We're feeling very loved and special at the moment. On Tuesday I showed you our Frankie's in Real Living, and now, Inside Out have featured us too! Wow! What a stunning story - I'd love any one of the rooms in this story in my house. Check out the other rooms here.

Real Living hearts Noosh

Oh my giddy Aunt! Imagine my excitement today when I finally got my hands on the new issue of Real Living magazine! Take a look!

That's our sofa's on the contents page!

...and on the Fave Finds page....

...and twice in the stunning Kids Rooms feature!
We love you too Real Living. x

Hearts go out

The horrific images we've been seeing all afternoon can't possibly convey the terror those Christchurch residents and workers must be all feeling right now. Beyond comprehension. Hearts across the world go out to the families, friends and co-workers of those who lost their lives today in yet another natural disaster.

Lil Magoolie is not only one of my favourite blogs, but it's author Maddie is a resident of Christchurch. Tonight she has posted a piece about her experiences today. It's gives a snapshot glimpse of the fear that every New Zealander must have felt today. Hop over to Maddies blog for a read and send her a message of support.

4 very cute ideas...

Images via

For angels only

The only thing that could be better than these is knowing where to get them! If I find out I'll let you know, and if you know tell me! Please!

Twin share

Still on the issue of the boys bedroom makeover... (I'm so indecisive aren't I?) Been looking for some last minute inspiration before I lock in my final decor idea choices.... What bits do you like best? I love these vintage iron hospital style beds, but husband thinks I've lost my mind...

Doesn't the Joel Dewberry wallpaper work a treat? 

I love these upholstered bedheads! Fingers crossed I'll be bringing you more on this topic in the form of a DIY a bit later...

Oh for the space to have a table and chair at the end of each bed...

...and in the tradition of saving the best for last - my favourite. Clean lines, greige, the vintage beds, loads of natural light and a hint of red. Perfection.

Make it: Biscuit cabins

Here's a clever way to pass an hour after nap time - why not combine snack time with craft time?

Happy Birthday BabyBites!

February marks the 2nd birthday of one of my favourite blogs BabyBites. To celebrate, the BB team have invited their favourite bloggers (including li'l ole me!!!) to guest post! Thanks BB! I'm so honoured... Hop on over and check out the blog and the cute doily bowls I made ...  Happy birthday BB!!

Very vintage vibes...

3 divinely feminine spaces that pay homage to the character of old.

Friday funny

heh heh...

Even more bunk love...

I love white.

...and grey.

And I dream about this much space in just one of our bedrooms...
White + light.

British brilliance.

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