Make it: Chore chart for multiple kids with FREE printables

This is a great DIY project! It's the best looking chore "chart" I've seen. We tried using a whiteboard for a while but it didn't work very well when chores got rubbed off by shoulders walking too close... I'm not going to lie to you - this doesn't sound like the quickest and easiest project, there is drilling, and Shelley (AKA "She" from How Does She) has a lot of band aids on her fingers. But if that hasn't completely put you off - read on...

Chores are written on paddle pop sticks and are colour coded by degree of difficulty and estimated time required to complete the chore. The way it works is the kids choose their chores like you would choose a card for a card trick (with chore cleverly hidden by mums hand), they get the same number of chores each and those selections are placed in the hole in the block with their name on it. Once the job is completed the stick moves to the smaller "home" block on the end for reselection next week. I love the subliminal message on the base of the construction that chores are fun. I wonder if that works? It's a great idea and much more attractive than a messy whiteboard that often ends up being drawn on... Check out the instructions and downloadable templates here.

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  1. Pop sticks? Nice idea. You can also try using character based printed charts as those work for me.


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