Growth chart assistance required!

I need your help. I'm trying to find a growth chart for the boys room makeover. I love how simple and graphic this one is - and there are lots on Etsy that I do like - only problem is they're all in imperial measurements (Could the US just get with the modern age and use centimetres please!????)! Does anyone know of a good great graphic growth chart? Send me links! Please!

Want this! Vintage Chair

Edmond Mobilier vintage et objets singuliers pour petits et grands
Translation: vintage furniture and unusual objects for children and adults. But doesn't it sound so wonderful in french? Edmond's little online store is bulging with retro pieces and incredible crafted chairs and cabinets. Personally, I'd quite like this grey one for my bedroom. And that stunning bamboo number is child sized! Sigh. Even the kids are gorgeous...

FOUND! Funky threads for the boys!

If you've got boys you will no doubt have spent many frustrated moments in the aisles of kids fashions stores faced with shed loads of gorgeous clothes... for girls. It kills me every time I'm confronted with yet another adorable little cardigan with a short puff sleeve, or a fabulous denim mini with contrasting stitch detail on the pockets... Yet, when I finally make my way past the aisles and aisles of incredible designs for girls, searching for a rack not weighed down with pink fabric, what do I find? One rack, maybe two, of cargo shorts and co-ordinating button down shirt sets bearing applique "motifs" of teddy bears driving trains. It drives me to drink! 

Well, I've finally found an online store run by a mum, Katie, who felt the same frustration. Mother to 2 boys (lucky girl, I know how that can be...) Katie decided the only solution to the problem was to create a store just like the one all mothers of boys wish existed. And so, About a Boy was born. With a small range of girls clothes and a very pleasing super huge range of delights for boys, all of the designs Katie stocks she handpicks herself and they are really nice! And they're reasonably priced too! Especially at the moment - check out the huge summer clearance sale! Go on! Go! There isn't a teddy bear driving a train in sight!

Etsy find!

The Rainbow affair continues... Found this over at Oh Joy the other day. Really people! Can we stop bringing gorgeous Etsy jewellery pieces to my attention? No, don't. I just need to exercise some restraint... This one's from New Fashioned Whispers and as soon as I've bought one I'll start being good.

OMG Homemade Nutella!

After you've tried this...
You'll agree that this....
Is all this is good for!

Stella over at BraveTart won my heart and my tastebuds months ago. I love her blog. She makes me laugh and inspires me to bake. I think I might love her. Hop over here and check out her incredibly easy "reverse engineered" recipe fpr the tastiest treat around - without scary ingredients like "partially hydrogenated peanut oil" and "reduced minerals" like our good friends at Nutella include... I'd like to call it Nustella! Thanks Stella! You're amazing.x

New issue of Adore is LIVE! And we're in it!!!!

The day the new issue of Adore hits my inbox is always one I look forward to - it's always beautiful and after the initial flick I already feel inspired. But the Feb/Mar 2011 issue that just hit my inbox has me leaping out of my skin! Look who's splashed all over the pages! Be still my beating heart - it's Noosh! I don't think I was even this excited about the birth of my children! 

And if that isn't enough to get your virtual page flipper itching, check out the fabulous kids room features! I love this nursery to pieces!

That artwork feature wall looks great!
And how delicious is this bed? I might have stopped breathing if my mother had dared allow me something so grand as a child...
And then there's this.... as if they needed a monochromatic house in the issue as well!!!! Oh my giddy aunt. I need to go have another look through right now....

An old friend of mine...

There's something about her that calms me. On a hot day, she makes me feel cool. She works just as well alone or with others... Meet my friend, White.

Make it: Wish book

Martha is the queen of great ideas, that's undeniable, but this Wish Book (designed for guests to write private messages to the happy couple at the wedding reception) is also a great idea for kids. I'd really like to make one of these for each of my boys. Maybe just one incredibly decorative and beautiful envelope on each page - or one they've decorated themselves - to house a wish they make on their birthday each year. Something to look back at with their own kids one day and bring back memories of what was soooo important the day they turned...

$100 Gift card up for grabs!

I know!!! And it gets better - not only are we talking US dollars, but the voucher is for the incredible online store ShopBop! Wow, wow and wow. Okay! Okay! The incredibly generous little lady offering this piece of bliss is my dear friend and fellow ex-Dolly-girl, Louise over at TableTonic. To enter, all you need to do is click on this link and leave some feedback for an entry!!
But wait! Before you all go racing off to enter, I want to tell you something very important about Miss Louise - see, her TableTonic blog baby is a FINALIST in the incredibly prestigious 2011 Apartment Therapy Homie Awards. More wow. So, while you're over there entering her comp, have a look around, it's a lovely blog - her house is D.I.V.I.N.E. and if you like what you see, jump over here to throw a vote her way. It would be so so so so great if an Aussie blog took out the prize! Okay, you can go now...

Sensational sleepover setup

This just makes me want to be 12 again! 
It also reminds me of Jude Law's kids bedroom in The Holiday with Cameron Diaz...
I think kids sleep better in spaces they love like these. They go to bed more willingly to start, and something about it makes them feel safe... What do you think?

5 great kids party food ideas

Fairy bread, sausage rolls, vege sticks and fruit skewers are all good food for kids parties. They've been tried and tested and we all know they work. But it only takes a little extra effort to think outside the box and you'll have them eating out of your hand... so to speak. I'll certainly be trying out a few of these for Noah's party next weekend.
Cupcake Cones

Chocolate Spoons

Message biscuits

Jelly blocks

Choc-dipped fruit sticks

Images via

3 words....

Hugh. Would. Die.
I would have liked to have slept at the end of the rainbow when I was a wee girl too... Word to the wise though - if you are thinking of undertaking this little project, try not to overlap your paint too much, the thicker the joins are where the colours meet, the harder the rainbow will be to paint over when little miss or mister gets tired of it.

Summer advantage

Happy Australia Day! In the spirit of Australia Day, here's a pretty picture to appreciate what lucky ducks we are! And, while the weather's still hot, it's a good time to get yourself off to the beach for a late afternoon swim. It makes perfect sense to swim when the sun's going down when you think about it. It's cooler, you won't burn to a crisp and the views can be spectacular. This is a secluded little spot on Sydney's Pittwater, aptly named, Paradise Beach. I could live here quite happily.
...and if you like the view you can buy it here.

Colour love: Duck-egg blue

Inspired by this first image on today's post over at Table-Tonic, I've found a grand selection of duck-egg blue kids rooms, some of which are absolutely breath-taking... Go on, be inspired!

Images via
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