A perfect sleep and play space

This place is the bees knees. It's big. It's light. It's bright. Oh, and it's stunning. 
How is it that our parents generation weren't this stylish?

Homemade christmas gift #3

This weeks homemade gift idea is a bit dad inspired. Well, actually you could give it to anyone - grandparents, siblings... but for me, it fits perfectly as a dad gift...
Imagine the joy a gift like this could bring. 52 things I like about you is a great exercise for kids to delve into their feelings and memories about a special someone in their life. It also give the recipient a glimpse into the way they come across to the most innocent of eyes, kids. So simple!
Hop over here for the full tutorial.

A delicious new online store

I've been busting to tell you about this! And finally now I can! Meet the newest and most delightful online store Down That Little Lane (even the name is delightful).

Tessa the incredible is the store's owner and curator and my oh my she's one talented lady with some fine taste - let me tell you! This store is like no other - Tessa has put together a stunning collection of designers with the most beautiful wares - you're guaranteed to find many things to throw your paypal deets at!
It's a beautifully designed site that ticks all the boxes - easy navigation, clear and simple information and of course, the prettiest things to buy! DTLL carries an array of goodies in every category imaginable, from cakes to cushions, and gadgets to gold... You'll even find Noosh on there! We're thrilled to be part of the launch collection and can't wait to see DTLL grow and quickly become a favourite shopping destination... Just in time for Christmas too - how good's that!?

Bright things overhead

Wee ones love a bit of action in the rafters. Anything up high, airplanes, hot air balloons, helium balloons, clouds, birds... They love things up there! So what could be better to adorn their own piece of "up there" with a bit of bright? Here's 2 beautiful kids rooms that do bright above well.

Christmas wrap mood board inspiration

Perhaps this may seem a little premature? But this is what I do every year. Come October I'm all about Christmas. I start planning who I'm buying for, what I'll give them and how everything will be wrapped. Sounds organised doesn't it? Well, the pattern goes something like this... by mid december it all unravels - nothing's finished, I have loads to do and nothing ends up as great as I had planned. But now I'm onto myself! This year will be different! They say the first step to breaking the cycle is recognising the cycle - or something like that? So here I go, christmas wrapping mood board... And I won't stop planning this perfect christmas until it's done done done!

The paper.
Just $14.95 at InkyCo for a 10 metre roll! 
These two are both in a lovely avocado green and the typo one is silver as well - very christmas.
One of each please! And a roll of plain white gloss in case I run out...

The ribbon. 
For ribbon, the best online prices I've found so are at Ribbons Galore. But these are the types I think will look best with the wrapping paper and these ones are also available from InkyCo (I love the combination packages! So easy!). What do you think?

Black & white nursery crush

I am in monochromatic heaven! The ever-so-talented Nicole over at Little Liberty has put together one sweeeeeeeeet little nursery space and I'm loving every square inch of it! So much so that I had to know where some of the gorgeous pieces came from so I did a little investigating... the ampersand cushion (available here) and the striped monkey (available here), but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find that stunning wallpaper anywhere! That's why you need a Nicole... 

A little wisdom on a wednesday...

Go Dolly.

Red & white striped twin share rooms

Perhaps it's symptomatic of my Circus endeavour at the moment, but there's something about these red and white striped colour schemes that's really tickling my fancy!

Homemade christmas gift #2

If I didn't alarm you last week with my news of only 10 weeks till christmas, perhaps I can rouse some sense of panic when I tell you another week has now passed us by and we're down to 9... 
As most of you already know, Homemade christmas gifts is a weekly post of gift ideas the kiddos can make for friends, teachers and relatives. Something to help them learn to think further than a department store when it's time to give - besides, home made presents are easier on the hip pocket! This is idea #2 in our journey to christmas 2011.

#2. The soy candle...
This idea comes from the super-talented Amanda over at Ruffled. This DIY's original incarnation at Ruffled is as a wedding favour (or bomboniere, depending where you hale from), hence the "Thank You" tag in the image, but a quick gift tag change and this makes a lovely and simple christmas gift that is even easier than you can imagine to create making it perfect for the kiddos to do.
Essentially the steps go like this - buy wax, melt wax, scent wax, pour wax, set wax, add lid, give. Told you it was easy! And then you can have all sorts of fun creating gift tags and choosing lovely paper to top and wrap it! Check out Amanda's proper tutorial over here and be careful the kids don't get a burn!

Pretty pink patterns

I love a good pattern mix and this combo of the stripes and florals in soft pink is just pure perfection.

Stylish storage for all that art!

If you have kiddos, you know what I'm talking about when I say "all that art". We've got boxes full of the stuff! It started with shoe box sized boxes. Once we filled a couple of those I thought the problem required a bigger solution so I bought a few of those really big ones from Ikea (each one is equivalent to around six shoe boxes), but even they're filling up fast and the boys aren't even at school yet! Well, I've come to a couple of conclusions... 1. That I need to be a bit more ruthless curating the collections, and 2. If we have to keep this stuff (which I do treasure but need to whinge about occasionally), we need to find a prettier way of storing it. Soooo....
Good idea huh? Three good things I can think of about these immediately. 1. Boys won't be able to open them. 2. They'll only hold so much (which will make me be a more ruthless curator). And 3. They'll store more easily than huge boxes! I'm sold. This is on the list for the next trip to Officeworks.

Pantone splashes out in Brussels

Before I tell you all about Pantone, let me share my excitement about todays post. What you about to read is post #601 on NooshLoves. Wow! And Phew! NL's been live now for about a year so that's a lot of posting for one wee lass so big pats on backs for me! I hope you're loving reading my random thoughts and ogling my inspirational images as much as I enjoy finding and sharing them with you. And remember, if there's something you'd like to see or hear about or just see more of, email me here - I'd love to hear from you! Now for todays post...

Love colour much? I do. And for most designers around the globe, Pantone is the centre of the colour universe. Well Pantone devotees can rejoice in the fact that now they can stay in inspirational luxury and imbibe the brands signature myriad of hues. That's right, there's a Pantone Hotel, and for just 109 Euro per night, couples can stay in these deliciously colourfully appointed rooms, which isn't too bad really when you convert it to roughly $150 aussie dollars - not to mention they'll throw in a pair of Pantone mugs as a momento of the weekend... It's in Brussels, and it needs to be seen to be believed...

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