Let me explain...

I've been a little off the radar lately I know, but it hasn't involved lazing on any beaches. I've been slaving away with my sander and brushes breathing life back into old pieces of furniture that have been cast aside and left unloved. 

In cahoots with a gorgeous friend, Tabitha (who is an absolute treasure and bundle of happiness and love), we have just today flung open our doors to our new storefront on Down That Little Lane! Our store, Relov'd (like our logo? I made that...), is a collection of pieces that we have sourced from the most curious of places and have buffed and polished, ready to be rehomed at your place!

Here's a peek at what's instore to start with...

And the one that I really poured my heart into...

My favourite product in the store isn't actually a product though - it's a service. Tabitha and I will treasure hunt a piece for you and customise it to your needs! Need a stunning art deco display cabinet in  Hermes orange? What about a vintage industrial dining table with a black distressed finish? No matter what you have in mind, we'll track it down, give it the Relov'd treatment and deliver it to your door. Can't ask for more than that can you? Hop on over and check out the store and tell me what you think!!!! 

And now that it's open I'll have more time to bring you the gorgeous NooshLoves posts you've been missing this past week... x


  1. I put your favourite bedhead on the FB pages and someone asked if you had any double like it? so keep an eye out for that :)

  2. Congratulations Tina!! That is super exciting!!! Everything looks gorgeous. The duck egg blue bed head is absolutely divine!! xx

  3. Gorgeous! You are so clever Miss Tina xx

  4. WOW!!!!! If my darling husband hadn't gone back to study I would be buying about about five pieces right NOW!!! So so talented!!!! Bravo!!!

  5. You delicious peeps all made my week with your lovely comments! Thanks so much.x

  6. Great idea Tina, your colour palete is so gorgeous! :)


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