Rainbow slide

We've all seen them, indoor slides come in many shapes and sizes. I even saw one the other day that had been integrated into the architectural design of the house and ran around the perimeter of the whole building from the top floor to the bottom in four stages! I'm not sure I'd go to such extremes for my own kids... However, none of the ones I've seen to date have been so thoughtful in their decorative detail as this one. Loving the graphic red arrow almost as much as I'm loving the names of the colours of the rainbow painted onto the rises of the stairs in helvetica. Nice touch.


  1. Who are these people??? My kids must feel so ripped off!

  2. I know what you mean!!!!!! Just getting a coat of paint on the wall is a huge effort for me. I can't even fathom installing one of these!!!! Though, if I did I reckon my boys would be the most popular kids in school!

  3. Great design element for Bob and Cortney Novogratz!!!


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