DIY: Crayon Monogram

Pretty cute huh? Just another brilliant idea from Chic Cheap Nursery. Get your glue guns ready and get to work! Here's a little tip from me - I've seen lots of these floating around on Pinterest and none look as good as this one. Make sure if you decide to give it a go to plan out your colours. This one has a bit of a graduation of colour happening - without it the result looks a bit of a mess (in my humble opinion, but I'm kind of anal about such things). Love to see your results! x


  1. Off to check out interest right now! x

  2. Stupid corrective text thingy... meant to say pinterest! x

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  4. Thanks Stephen! Loads more up my sleeve so stay tuned... And don't forget to check out the Noosh store as well for inspired kids decor and furniture too... See you back here soon! x


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