Le stripe

My new favourite destination for inspiration is Pinterest. If you haven't been there yet, you gotta go! Like - now. Pinterest is a social network (don''t groan) and pinboard for ideas rolled into one. The best part about it is that it's still relatively new and most of the content is fantastic. The other best bit is that you can see what everyone else has on their pinboards and you can "repin" things you like... I'm probably not selling it very well but I love it. Anyway, while I was wasting my afternoon away on there today, le stripe was everywhere so today's post is dedicated to le stripe... Pointy stripes, stripes on walls, rug stripes, wavy stripes, stripes and spots, stairway stripes, frilly stripes, t-shirt stripes.... you get the picture. My personal faves are the two staircases. Maybe that's just because I'm in decorating mode.

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