15 fun spaces that are child's play

We're lucky enough to have a playroom in our house. It comes at the expense of the boys each having their own room, which for now is fine, but I suspect it'll go at a later date when they start wanting a bedroom each. Until then though, it works well... for them. For me, it's my least favourite room in the house. Why? Because it's a major hazard. Simply by entering that room you take your wellbeing into your own hands. The floor is usually scattered with lego pieces, jigsaw pieces, cars, books and heaven knows what else, and no matter how many storage boxes, labelled drawers, shelves or threats I make, it always looks like a bomb went off in there. 
Finding images like these restore my sanity and fuel my hopes for a serene and orderly space where my imaginary angelic children play together without arguments or fights, and they tidy up after themselves before they leave the room.
Do you have a designated play area in your home? Is it like these? Or more like the one I described?


  1. Ha ha... we do and currently it is nothing like these and... sounds a lot like yours!!! Am onto it though

    1. Glad to hear I'm not alone! You'll have to share your secret once the mission is complete. Please!!!!!!!


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