6 pinks in 1 cake

Remember my friend Vanessa who made the fabulous Little Helper Tower? Well, she's been at it again... this time creating a mind-blowing 6 layer pink birthday cake for her hubby's mum's 70th birthday soiree... (the woman's a saint I tell you!)
6 shades of delicious - ready for the oven...

6 shades of delicious - perfectly baked...

Details details! How cute is the tiny bunting banner?

And just when you think the tiny bunting and cake are an effort worthy of applause - there's handmade rouched streamers and FRAN's name decorated in coordinating glitter... At this point I need to remind you that this was for her mother-in-law...!

Ohhh, and doesn't it look fantastic!?

Too clever...

Oh look! That's Ness! Isn't she lovely? I thought she deserved a starring role for this effort. 
(Insert applause here)

Mr Rowan seems to be enjoying the pink deliciousness.

Sometimes a party can really take it out of you. Especially when you do it this well. Good job Ness! You have just raised the party planning bar for mum's and daughter's-in-law everywhere...

For the recipe to this over-achievers delight, hop over here and change the colours to whatever takes your fancy.


  1. I made the rainbow version on the weekend!

  2. So perfect! I'm defo making this one day...unless someone wants to make it for my birthday first!


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