Essential nursery elements

To make a nursery space enviable here are a few key elements that are a must...
1. The feature wall
It can be covered in wallpaper, painted in stripes or adorned with a personal gallery - it's really up to you - but it has to be confident, bold and a focal point of the room.

2. Something fun
This neutral toned ball pit is the cutest thing I ever saw! Or is it the suspended bassinette I like more? Either way, this is a room you want your baby to love. They need to feel happy here to encourage sound sleep! There are a million different things that people will tell you to try when it comes to getting your baby to "sleep through" - but for me, this one is a no brainer. Happy baby = sleepy contented baby.

3. Your place in their space
Whether you choose to feed in the nursery or not, it's important for you to have a place in their space. A vintage inspired rocker for instance, will quickly become a family favourite for reading stories and comforting cuddles.

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