An alphabet on your wall...

Alphabet walls are a great idea. They're an educational feature that you can personalise to compliment your nursery, playroom or bedroom decor. Here's some lovely executions to inspire you...

Of course, decorating each letter can become no small task on it's own without having to source all of the letters and keep track of size and scale as well...

And that's where Gigi by Noosh comes in! This alphabet comes already designed, cut and packed ready for you to add your own little zhoozhy treatment to!

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  1. Can you get one all in lowercase?

  2. Not Gigi, no. Sorry Emma! She comes just like the pictures all ready to be painted and hung - upper and lower cases and all different thicknesses too!

  3. I love this idea but think the lower case would no doubt be a great addition

  4. The teacher in me would love a lower case one! x


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