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Roughly every second project Erica Islas, founder of EMI Interior Design, is commissioned is a Kids Space these days, so who better to comment on what's on trend? 

What trends in kids' spaces have you noticed recently?
Right now there are a lot of activity-driven things like rock-climbing walls or swings inside rooms. The thing that's taking over chalkboard walls are wall-to-wall dry-erase walls because they're not as messy. It's almost a new trend that parents are really getting into their kids' spaces and are paying more attention to being involved with their children. Every two or three months I'm doing a nursery or a play room—it's no longer the media room but the play room. It's no longer about watching TV but playing football or playing boardgames. It feels like the 1950s are coming back and families are spending time together again.

To read the rest of Erica Islas interview hop over to Dwell here.

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  1. Ah those plastic tree houses remind me of the 1970s! Off to read the rest of the interview, love the idea of 1950s board game family nights! x


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