Vogue do kids rooms

If anyone can do a good kids room it should be Vogue Living right? And they have! A whole bunch of super yummy spaces packed with great ideas and shot by some of my favourite interiors photographers, including Richard Powers, Chris Court and Petrina Tinslay...

This first one is divine. I adore the maps inside the kids wardrobe doors. 
Much nicer than footy stickers! Stealing this idea.
Wish my boys would keep their shoes this tidy too!

And how about that slatted bed space? Gelato colours on raw timber = decor goodness.

This next room kills me. Always a sucker for a vintage look, the artwork over the bed and blue cabinet are to die for. And How about Chris Court's pictures? Oh brother of Sibella, I do envy your creative family gene pool!

Old world charm in abundance with this layered mix of vintage inspired fabrics. And aren't we glad minimalism seems to have had it's day in the sun?

Harry and Max must wake up happy each day surrounded by such a charming contemporary space. Loving the matching striped upholstered bedheads. Sometimes you just can't beat a red,white and blue palette with a good dose of symmetry can you?

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