Meet my new projects!

I'm super excited to be showing you these projects! These are the babies that have had me so busy over the past few months. I call them my babies because they, like my children have made my life feel that little bit more complete. I just love spending my days sanding, spraying and trawling through eBay for a bargain, almost as much as I love Home Beautiful magazine for giving me this new dream job!

The first story is from the January issue which all came and went over christmas, and the second one is in the current issue that's on sale now. (The finished black cabinet is also for sale on eBay at the moment in case you're after a gorgeous art deco black sideboard)

Now these are all very easy to do and the results are instant gratification in all of its spectacular glory. Why not give one a go this weekend? If you do you have to send me a pic!

Tuesday Tour: The home behind the cute kids room

The kids room.

The rest of the house.

Snapshot: Jessica Kettle

As some of you know, in my past life (pre-kidlets) I was an art director of magazines, and while my paid work has changed a little bit, my passion for what goes on both behind and in front of the camera hasn't changed at all. I love a great shot just as much as I ever did. Though I have to admit the subject matter has changed a little since the days when Hanson (I can't believe I just linked to that here...) were the big deal of the moment...

And so, today's post is a little taste of photo love from a great site belonging to Jessica Kettle. Jessica is based in the US but what a great business model. She'll take these intimate photos to record your personal birth story and create a custom book with them for you too! I wish we had something like this of our two boys births, it's very special. Check out the gorgeous shots! What an amazing way to spend your days - being a part of such special and intimate moments in strangers lives.... 

If you liked those, hop over here for more of Jessica's stunning pictures.

I heart pretty red accents

Addition cushion by Aunty Cookie. Get it here

Red felt heart mobile by Floriana. Get it here.

Bird baby mobile by Floriana. Get it here.

Ace Space Saturday - Highgate

Welcome to the first of NooshLoves NEW regular post, Ace Space Saturday. The name is verging on horrid I know, but I couldn''t bring myself to be so dull as to call it a room tour... If you can think of something better I'd love to hear it!

So, todays Ace Space comes from a great little blog called A House Like This. It's essentially a diary of the Adamo family renovation of their Victorian home in Highgate London (and what a pearler of a house it is! I'd give a kidney for a place like this to do up! And they're doing a beautiful job too. If you like contemporary minimal design with a dash of vintage flavour it's right up your alley - and I know you do! or you wouldn't be reading NooshLoves because that's my favourite thing and I'm rabbitting on about it all the time!) Check it out with a cuppa and a bikky...

7 Kids Rooms in Pretty Gelato Palettes

These soft gelato tones don't only give me a hankering for ice cream, they also feel cool and calm. 

Adore this room in pastel tones of teal.

This cabinet is TO DIE FOR! Why can't I find anything like this on ebay???!!!!

Lazy summer days

Something to do with the kidlets. We did this a few times over the holidays - just lay outside on the trampoline, looking at the sky through the trees... counting clouds, birds, planes... Silly? Perhaps. But somehow special too...

Happy New Year! I'm back!!!!

Hello Hello! And Happy New Year! Did you have a good christmas? I hope Santa was kind. He was super generous at our place this year, but sadly his gestures only extended to the kiddos and my pile of presents didn't tower to the great heights as those of my children. Noosh-hubby did well with his purchases for moi - I scored a delicious chocolate leather bag which I love. It's big enough to double as an overnight bag and of course I fill it... consequently it also doubles as a workout every time I leave the house!

We've had such a lovely break with lots of visits to the pool, beach and seeing friends and family. The Sydney fireworks were a winner with the wee ones, and now the rain has finally disappeared I'm working up a killer tan (which I know is soooo politically incorrect but I need one to feel healthy).

As for resolutions, this year I'm keeping it simple. Sugar is now my enemy. As a Coke drinker with a 2 litres a day habit it's a big ask, but i'm doing well so far and have even dropped 2kgs in 4 days! If that's not an incentive I don't know what is!

I have lots of lovely projects to share with you this year, not least my Home Beautiful transform projects which appear in the magazine each month starting from the January issue which is on sale now! The cover f the issue is pictured below and as soon as I get back to work on monday I'll post a couple of pics of the actual projects I did for you. 

Apart from those though, there'll be plenty of kid crafts, decor ideas and inspirational bits and bobs to keep you entertained plus a few new things too. I'm really looking forward to spending another year with you in your quiet "you" time...

Homemade christmas gifts #10 + another 25....

Finally, the last of our Homemade christmas gift series, and the last post on NooshLoves for 2011! And just because I'm such a generous kida gal, I'm not only giving you one more gift idea... I'm giving you 25 of them to keep you busy and inspired until 2012!!!!! 
First, this one is #10 and possibly my favourite - the Wax Luminerie
These make a great gift. They're super easy to create and your receiver will love them.

It comes from The 36th Avenue and if you click over here you'll find another 25 fabulous ideas to whip up this final week before the fat man arrives....

And with that, I'm going to take a few days off leaving you to enjoy your silly season! I'll be back with more inspiration and creative ideas than you can poke an elf at after New Year... Biggest thanks to every single one of you for visiting this year. You've made NooshLoves into what it is by coming back again and again and have given me a reason to create this place where I keep all the beautiful things that inspire me...

I hope you and your families all have an incredible Christmas and I'll look forward to seeing you back here on the 3rd of January!

Merry Christmas!!! x
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