My top 4 great bedroom ideas

1. A racetrack for the floor. Boys love running their cars up and down the walls and across the floor and furniture - why not give them a stylish track that's mess-free and doesn't need to be packed away at the end of the day?
2. A blackboard shape for the wall. This bold blackboard shape makes a statement even when it's blank. It provides the kiddos with a spot to draw, write and play and can either be painted on with blackboard paint, or if you're after a less permanant solution, try ebay or amazon for blackboard contact paper for only about $12 a roll.
3. The princess canopy. Most little girls love the soft, prttiness that mosquito nets bring to a room. Why not make your own with a sheer fabric that works with your decor? 
4. Starry starry night lights. Like most wee ones, Hugh is scared of the dark. We've tried many solutions over the years with different nightlights but mostly they're either too bright or not bright enough (he's kind of a Goldilocks type). The one we've got now though is working best of them all - a battery operated set of ten LED starlights we picked up at Spotlight for $5. I've wrapped them around the bedhead and they stay on all night. Best part is, they don't contribute to the electricity bill! Oh, and they look good too...


  1. Love the racetrack, my boys would adore it. Growing up I had an old wrought iron four poster bed. As a littly it had gauze curtains and I would alternate between imagining I was a princess or a fairy in bed. As a teenager I had fairy lights wrapped around it and tiny butterflies. Lasted me until my university days and my oldest now sleeps in it when he visits my parents. I insisted that they keep it incase I had a girl one day! Anyway both the last photos immediately made me think of my old bedroom at the different stages!

  2. The racetrack is the best isn't it? I made one of these for my boys out of white contact paper and we've decorated it with pedestrian crossings and speed zones with black textas - not quite as schmick as this one but it does the job and it was only $6! That wrought iron bed sounds amazing! You know how I love those! x


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