Finders Keepers Wrap Up

Hurray! I did manage to sneak away from the fam over the weekend to check out the Finders Keepers Market after all! And I'm glad I did because it was "tops"! Here are my favourite finds...

1. Puddin'head
Gorgeous hand printed linens by Richard McAdam, sold as is or stretched onto canvas or made into cushions. Really loved these hand embroidered versions below.  Check out the site here.

2. A Skulk of Foxes
Stunning original jewellery designs. Check out their site here.
This clock was my favourite piece. I have just the spot for it too. One for the birthday list I guess... sigh

3. Two Layers of Cells
Limited edition lighting designs by Jane Crappsley. So many cool ideas! But the best one of all had to be the DIY Lightwrap Kit (below). It comes with all the elements, including the textas, for your kiddo (or you if you like) to draw and colour your own uniquely you design onto your lightshade. Genius! Check out more of Jane's work here...

4. Page Thirty Three
Last but not least, PG33. How divine is the jigsaw puzzle piece plate? And yes, the plates to fit together, so you can run three in a row as a platter or just get cosy with the one you sit beside at the next dinner party... Gives new meaning to sharing a plate huh? Love this design! Have a look at the rest of the Page Thirty Three range here.


  1. This market looks fantastic Tina... um might be a stupid question, but where is it? x

  2. It was fantastic Emma! I'm glad my few pictures convey that. It took me ages to edit down the selection! Finders Keepers is on twice a year around Australia. The next one is in Brisbane on July 2nd and 3rd and I think the spring summer one is on in Sydney in September sometime. They started in Melbourne last year but the 2011 autumn winter event for melbourne has been cancelled due to venue problems. It's a great event, try to go along to the next one if you can. It's wall to wall creatives - even the air is thick with art. I wish it could be on every weekend. Go here for more details.


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