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When birthday time comes around at our house I spend my nights dreaming about high impact - low fuss party ideas. I learnt my lesson this year by making 12 stick horses for the kids to race around the garden. The day was really hot, the kids didn't want to run or ride and the whole project didn't fall into either category. But today, my dreams may have become a reality... Enter One Charming Party

Hugh has been at me since his last party about wanting to have a superhero party. I even made him his own superhero cape to get him off my back! So I was super-pleased to find this little gem... OCP sells party plans for around $25 which include more invitations, thank you notes, game ideas, cake toppers and printables than you can poke a ray gun at. Have a look!
Cake: Nothing too tricky there... Especially when a PDF arrives in your inbox with all the cute signs to go on top!

Games: Who wouldn't want to play this!

The banner looks like a keeper!

And they might even eat some healthy food!

Sara and Brittany, you are heaven sent! Pop over for a gazillion more fab ideas, a lovely blog and stunning pictures. Hey, you might even want to throw a party!

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