Okay, so I know I've been a bit slack lately with my posts. One a day (nearly every day) isn't my usual standard. And I want to apologise for that... But also explain. See, Noosh passed a very important milestone this month - we're 6 months old! If Noosh were our actual baby, it'd be on the verge of mobile. We're very proud parents, and all the positive feedback we've been getting from you about Frankie has been wonderful. So much so, we've decided it's about time we brought you some new things! So there it is - my excellent excuse. I've been busy designing! I can't tell you too much just yet, but suffice to say the new Noosh products will be just as clever, innovative and stylish as the ones you already know and love. Stay tuned for more info, a reveal and best of all, an opportunity to pre-order very soon...
Until then, keep enjoying NooshLoves, spread the word about us and know that when I'm not bringing you inspirational posts it's because I'm busy designing you gorgeous new products!

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