Tuesday Tour: Swedish delight

Welcome to the home of Swedish Jewelry designer Stine A. Johansen. An eclectic mix of old, new and beautiful. When she isn't designing jewellry, Stine likes to dabble in other creative pursuits and has painted all of the artworks in her home... Take a look. I LOVE the natural timber finish on the floors and the muted tones of their decor choices. Just beautiful. It makes me feel calm looking at it all.

The beautiful nursery...

And the rest of Stines home...


  1. Oh My!! I love that cot. It pulls out to make a bed right?!! I have been searching and searching, but it is vintage isn't it? Tina, you wouldn't happen to know where I could buy one?? :o) x

    1. Oh Amber, I'm a massive fan of the convertible cot/bed design too. I'm not sure exactly what this one is though. I doubt it's vintage - conversions seem to be a more contemporary idea - but being in a Swedish home it's undoubtedly a European design and not available here. The best of the converters I know of are http://www.ubabub.com/products/pod/pod.html , http://www.danishbydesign.com.au/leander-bed.html and http://www.oeufnyc.com/sparrowcollection.aspx.
      You've just inspired me to write a post about this very topic.... Stay tuned.


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