Frilly Fillies

As politically incorrect as it probably is in 2011 to call a girl a filly, it rhymed so well I just had to... But enough about that! Take a look at this gorgeous range of dresses from Fabrik. Founded by Sydney-sider, Sarah Hardie, whose creative work history drops names like ArtPark and Lee Matthews, Fabrik captures prettiness with a nostalgic edge perfectly. If I had a girl she'd definitely be parading around in some of these. I particularly love this first one in charcoal grey with the textured ruffled hem... Best part about Fabrik is that right now a lot of the range is on sale and pieces start from a mere $20! But even without a sale, Sarah's designs are pleasingly affordable and we love that!


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  1. The dresses are exquisite... but that shell hook, oh my!


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