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I'm so often disappointed to scroll through the pages of eBay to find fabulous vintage furniture pieces only to discover they're in Melbourne. In fact, I think it would be safe to say 2 out of every 3 listings I click through to are located south of the border. In the spirit of sharing is caring, I thought I'd inspire and alert you to a few great things I discovered today... And they're not all in Melbourne - I even found one in Sydney! Better be quick though - some of them finish today!

Oooh, imagine - paint all the bottom in a gorgeous deep sea blue and sand back the top, stain it in a rich mahogany, replace the drawer handle with a vintage crystal knob... Click here to bid on this one in Melbourne

Hold onto your hat - this one is actually in Sydney, and there's 2 of them! Listed seperately and currently at 99c (yes, you read it correctly) 99c! And you have just over 2 days to commit to it... Have a closer look here.

These are in Melbourne - they're at 99c for the 4 with 2 days to go. The seat section comes out easily for recovering. Imagine them in a high gloss white paint with really bright bold upholstry on the seats - perhaps each seat in a different pattern... sigh. Click here to bid.

And if you fancy a larger project... I can recommend the black stain path. This one's in Sydney and at only $30 at the moment with 4 days left. Click here to bid.

Hope you're all feeling inspired to tackle a makeover project next weekend. If you do it - share it! I'd love to see the results.x

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  1. OMG...i just bid on those chairs. I love them. you are in trouble if I win. You have to come and help me do them up!


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