Lots to catch up on....

It feels like ages since I've slowed down to write - hence there's lots to fill you in on!

1. Noosh in the news
A big shout out to Simone over at The Daily Buzz for this lovely post about Noosh today! It never gets tired for me seeing our designs and products on blogs and websites. Massive gratification... Spread the word people! The new range is so lovely and it's selling fast! 

2. Fab new app for illustration lovers and card senders!
Now even if this app weren't the brainchild of my dear friend Felicity Loughrey, I'd still be singing it's praises because it is pure genius. It's called CardLust and it enables users to send e-cards to pals for special occassions or just because... get it on iTunes for less than the price of a single greeting card and send art and love to your friends and family. There are twelve decadent designs to choose from by Brooklyn-based artist Elspeth Tremblay and 12 holiday-themed illustrations by Gold Coast-based Sara Hingle. Share your message via text, email or pin to social media. Have a thank-you note in your pocket, a pick-me-up for a pal and never miss a friend’s birthday again. 

3. My favourite new bevvy is....

Hillbilly cider! It's not just Australian made - it comes directly from the wonderful Blue Mountains and it's just in time for summer! Winner of a Bronze Medal after only four months on the market! - this isn't your usual sickly sweet cider - it's got a sharpness that makes it a real thirst quencher and when served icy cold it's the bomb baby! Check out the website for stockists - not suuper widely available yet but it's only a matter of time before this puppy becomes known and is unleashed into mainstream society!

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