Stylish storage for all that art!

If you have kiddos, you know what I'm talking about when I say "all that art". We've got boxes full of the stuff! It started with shoe box sized boxes. Once we filled a couple of those I thought the problem required a bigger solution so I bought a few of those really big ones from Ikea (each one is equivalent to around six shoe boxes), but even they're filling up fast and the boys aren't even at school yet! Well, I've come to a couple of conclusions... 1. That I need to be a bit more ruthless curating the collections, and 2. If we have to keep this stuff (which I do treasure but need to whinge about occasionally), we need to find a prettier way of storing it. Soooo....
Good idea huh? Three good things I can think of about these immediately. 1. Boys won't be able to open them. 2. They'll only hold so much (which will make me be a more ruthless curator). And 3. They'll store more easily than huge boxes! I'm sold. This is on the list for the next trip to Officeworks.

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