Upcycle inspiration: Pallets

I find the inspiration bug is the most infectious. Lately, I've been stricken with this bug in a big way. My friend Jules is obsessed at the moment with making a coffee table from old pallets, and being a project I've always wanted to do, I've been caught up in the hunt for ideas. Here are some of the best upcycle projects I've found for reusing old timber pallets...
The hanging wall display

The bedhead

The bed base (with storage!)

Coffee table #1

Coffee table #2

The rustic buffet/wine storage cabinet

My favourite (it's grey!) - the island bench

A vertical planter

A room divider/Gallery wall

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  1. These are seriously clever! I have a friend that stops whenever she sees them on the sides of the road and checks to to see the quality of the wood they are made from, often the older ones are of very high quality hardwood!


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