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Weekend Breakfast idea

Have you ever made your own butter? Me neither (well not intentionally anyway, maybe once when I overbeat the cream). But after reading this post over at Say YES to Hoboken I'm feeling inspired to give it a whirl...

1. Pour cream into mixer bowl
2. Turn it on
3. Walk away

Sounds pretty simple. There's even a Honey Butter version... Now that just sounds deadly doesn't it? 

Rainy weekend craft project

The forecast in Sydney for this weekend is rain. I can't say I'm that disappointed though, after all the heat and humidity a date with our raincoats and some puddles is quite appealing. Another activity I want to squeeze in is making a time capsule. All you need is a jar with a tightly sealed lid, a spade and a little imagination... Get the kids to find a few objects each, small things like photos, matchbox cars and movie ticket stubs, and bury them in the garden explaining the concept that you'll all dig them up again together at the end of spring. (I'm going with a 6 month turnaround because they're still only 4 and 2, anything longer than that and they might not remember burying it...). I figure it'll be fun and a good way to get them to exercise a bit of self discipline in not digging it up until it's time...

Before & After: Stunning sideboard

It never fails to astound me how a coat of paint can completely transform a tired piece and give it new life and purpose. Recycling at it's best.

And after. 

Love it. Need it. Gotta have it...

1. This poster called Friends of Violet by Camilla Engman (who I've mentioned before) and Elizabeth Dunker. Get one here. And check out the Sweet Fine Day blog as well.

Want this wardrobe...

Imagine the joy of dressing each day with one of these!

Cute kids party idea

How cute's this? Ok, I know, it's supposed to be for a wedding - but who likes confetti more than kids? Imagine Fairy Party invites with a sachet of such pretty coloured sprinkles attached! And you could get them to bring the sprinkles to the party and thrown them on the birthday girl fairy, when she blows out her candles! Too cute...

More pure white inspirational rooms

Want one of these old school desks for the boys when they're older. Lots of them on ebay...

Don't vintage pieces add so much character to a room?

White with a forest twist

There's those gorgeous Pom Poms again!

Mmmm chocolate brown accents really warms things up

Loving the built in beds and clever storage drawers

Covet her closet

Have you ever wondered what the wardrobes of film directors, fashion stylists, jewellery designers and screenwriters contained? We often get to see celebs styled up at red carpet events, but I'm talking about a real grass roots level, honest to goodness prowl through the cupboards and drawers.... Take a look.

Kathryn Bently, Jewellry Designer

Melissa Coker, Screenwriter.

Stella Berkofsky, Model, Photographer

And that's just for starters. Check it out at Closet Visit
There's loads of wardrobes to peek at and loads more style ideas to be pilfered. 

2 lovely books for your lovelies

Sarah O'Leary's book, When you were small is a beautifully illustrated story for kids. The story is cute too - did I mention how gorgeous the illustrations are? Available here.
And, The perils of magnificent love by Emma Magenta is one of my favourites. I bought it before I even had kids! It was just too gorgeous to go past. And from memory, I bought it at the Berkelouw in Paddington where Ms Magenta herself worked at the time... Since then, Emma has penned a collection of these cute stories about love in simple terms. Check it out and purchase your own here.

Bedhead lust

How divine? Yours for $1200. But divine right? Free shipping too - not sure that applies to Australia though... Find it here.

A treehouse for a bed?

Yes please! It even has a skylight! 

Made with love for her daughter by Juli at The Slow Life, this bed is the bees knees! She even left the colour selection up to the new occupant - nice choice too! I love it. I would have really loved it when I was 6... And how about the size of that room! Apparently the treehouse is a winner with everyone who lays eyes on it too. On her blog (which you really must check out here), Juli reports that a bevvy of wee ones have leapt from the steps and even a few adults have ventured on up to check out the picture perfect digs. Well done Juli! You've inspired me!

Anything is possible

Proof people! Proof! Anything is possible! This is not a still from the movie Up, but an actual house weighing 2000lbs launched into the air by National Geographic. It took 300 helium balloons (must have been some big kahuna balloons), and it lifted to a grand height of 10 000 feet! Colour me impressed!

FREE Printable Bookplates

Remember old fashioned bookplates? Like the ones printed on the first page of Golden Books? I got to wondering why such a lovely idea was allowed to die - I mean, how many books have your kids taken to school for show & tell only to come home without them? A few at our house already and they're still at pre-school! So, I made these for you! There's 3 to choose from - pink, blue and grey. Just double click the picture  below that you want to download and it'll open at A4 size. Then save it to your folder of other lovely Noosh printables I've found and made for you! Finally, stick them in every book you own and make your contribution to operation "Bring Back Bookplates!" And don't forget to forward the link to your friends to get them on board too! x

Table Cubby Update

How about this? I've just found out that now you don't even have to make these fantastic Table Cubbies yourself at all! Kirralee at My Playhouse Adventures makes them for you! Due to launch in April Kirralee will supply you with a fully portable. washable, storable and removable playhouse of your dreams... Great job Kirralee! I think you're onto a winner!

How to promote good behaviour

Wouldn't we all like one of these hanging in our house?

Make it: Table cubby

I love this idea. You could do it with glue if you weren't big on sewing... 
I should do one... it might make me keep the dining table clean...

Make it: The pom pom post you've been waiting for.

This is the post you've been waiting for. Throw your cardboard doughnut discs in the bin. I have to admit that was the part that was holding me back - pom poms are pretty easy, yes, but these ones make the creation all the more attractive... That vase of Pom Pom Dandelions is looking better already...

Easy-Peasy Pom Poms
*Start by wrapping your yarn around the prongs of your fork (for the green pompom I wrapped 40 times around, for the red pompom I made 60 wraps) and then cut the end of your yarn.
*Cut a length of yarn 20cm or so long, and thread beneth your yarn wraps between 2nd and 3rd fork prong. Pass the other end of this length of yarn between prongs over the top of the yarn bundle. Pull both ends and tie into atight knot.
*Slip yarn bundle off the end of your fork. snip through all the loops of yarn, and roll pompom between palms to ‘fluff’. Trim any uneven ends.
*Admire pompoms.

Wardrobe inspiration

Mmmmm... This is where my wallpaper inspiration came from for my wardrobe makeover. It always amazes me how such a simple extra touch can make such a significant difference!

Made by Joel in print!

Best book ever! One of my favourite blogs for quirky kids craft ideas (and especially good crafts for boys), Made By Joel, is about to enter the elite world of "published bloggers"! Joel Henriques is a stay at home dad who doesn't take things too seriously and loves spending time nurturing his kids' creativity - and that gets a massive double thumbs up from me. His new book, Made To Play, won't be available until October, but can be pre-ordered through Amazon. I dare to say this one's going to sell it's socks off so if you want one, better get your name on that list in a hurry. In the meantime, get your Joel fix here.

Make it: Pencil Tins

Start saving your empty tin cans people. You too can make these little pretties. 
Imagine them in a cluster of contrasting papers on your hall table? Feeling inspired yet? 
Perhaps you might like to do this with them...

Pretty girly rooms - Part 3

Loving this wallpaper feature wall.

Oh, yum.... Just makes me want to saw holes in the ceiling to let more light in!

Great idea for a teen space. Note the felt ball rug... 
I noticed Lilly and Lolly have them in a few different colourways...
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